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The production company of Writer Director Fred Wilder. We have produced two Fast Karl Films, The Spleen of Saint Louis, the Collector,ZomBees,as well we have produced two Television episodes of The Darkest Hours. in July of 2007 we began camera tests for our most ambitious film project to date, Das Puppets. Principle Photography began in Mid 2008 due to difficulties beyond our control what was started as a 3 month film shoot drag on in spurts for the better part of 3 years. In October of 2011 Fred Wilder was taken ill and required emergency Brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. It has taken 10 years for Fred to recover. Now, Spring of 2020 We returned to the film locations and shot the B Camera angles: The actors visual point of View.
We had to give up the original Studio space in 2011 due to financial diffacaulties. In June of 2021 we have acquired a small studio space were we can film the remaining sceans and edit the original 3 years of footage into the film DAS PUPPETS

June 2021 Update.
After 10 long years of recovery from brain surgery Fred Wilder is back in the saddle and working to complete the film Das Puppets. We have a Go Fund Me set up To help with the costs of this production. You can still help Das Puppets. All donations on our campaign will receive your name in the credits of the film. All funds received from this point on will help grease the wheels and keep the film on track to compleation. You can show your support of the Fred Wilder film, Das Puppets. Please make your donation at:

We have released a collection of seventeen Wilder films, cult cinema fan favorites from writer director Fred Wilder. These films were previously only available for viewing at film festivals. Also included are seven fluxus art films from Fred Wilder's Bubble Piece series. A new DVD collection of Fred Wilder films made its world debut January 2011. Get your hands on it here: Fred Wilder's Pocket Full of Film. Availabel at

Worldcon official selection.

Anakin's Assignment has been selected to screen at the Renovation Fan Film contest in conjunction with the 69th WORLD SCIENCE FICTION Convention in Reno, Nevada. August 20th 2011. Anakin's Assignment, is now available on and at youtube. Two year's in the making this romantic comedy is sure to steal your heart. Watch the entire film online at Anakin's Assignment at

Or at on your iPod.


Like Us on Facebook Das Puppets is winding up principle photography this Winter but plenty of post production work remains before this film will see the flickering light of the projector hopefully by late 2022.

Update July 7th, 2021



Fred Wilder's Pocket Full of Film

Pocket Full of Film DVD.
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The Collector




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