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St. Croix Studios was formed in 1990 as the production company for artist and filmmaker Fred Wilder. Initially producing stage props and mechanical effects for variety artists and other independent filmmakers, the Orange County, California based company has undergone many changes over the years and now focuses solely on film and video production.
In May of 2006 two film shorts were completed and made their premiere at the F3 Fullerton Film Festival, August 5th, 2006. The films selected to screen were Scream Karl, and Karl Bites, written and directed by Fred Wilder.



poster image for the collector. THE COLLECTOR written and directed by Fred Wilder.
The story of a Madman and his obsession with collecting the things that entreige him both strange and beautiful. When he begins cutting the leather from baseballs his reality is blurred and fantasy takes hold.
Currently being submitted to film festivals.

Completed January 2014.

Featuring Courtney Knight

The Collector official page..



Poster thumbnail image Spleen of St. Louis Spleen of St.Louis, written and directed by Fred Wilder. Completed May 2010, this fluxus art film features the talents of Erin Maureen Fitzpatrick as the Surgeon, Jordan Gage as the nurse, Fred Wilder as the patient, and the vocal talents of Ms. Zen Josey and Jack Ritchie

A personal film that tells the experience of the artist's having survived surgery following an automobile accident in St. Louis, Missouri USA, in the year 1969. The film is a fluxus collage of still images and archival film footage combined with new footage and poetry created specifically for the 2010 Fluxus St. Louis event.

Poster thumbnail for Ginger Bear The Ginger Bear, is a strange Christmas tale directed by Candy Wilder. Completed December 2009, this film short features the talents of Fred Wilder as Uncle Fritz, Terry Gallegos as the niece Ginger, and Erin Maureen Fitzpatrick as The Ginger Bear.

Poor Uncle Fritz has worked hard to provide for his little niece Ginger but this year there is a lone empty stocking hung above the fire place on the Eve of Christmas. Things look bleak until the mischievous Ginger Bear makes her appearance and turns their world upside down.
The Ginger Bear brings a scare and a plump sweet treat for the entire family this Christmas season.


Flyer for Label Horrors the film. Label Horrors, is a dark comedy written and directed by Candy Wilder and marks Mrs. Wilder's directorial debuted. completed October 2009, Features the talents of Rachael Farrokh, and Jack Ritchie.

It's Halloween season in a typical American home. A fashion plate of a housewife is busy baking a Dead Velvet Cake for a Treat. The Trick is she is about to be dished out a night full of terror with a side of chills and giggles. Label Horrors is a dark comedy and a spooky treat tailored for the whole family.


Vampire Flesh, A Poem. image Vampire Flesh, A Poem from writer-director Fred Wilder is a new film short completed in May of 2008. This delightfully wicked little spoken-word film features the talents of Miss Zen Josey reciting a dark poem by Wilder and includes selected scenes from the Vampire Flesh project and serves quite nicely as a film trailer of sorts for the larger project still in production. Currently this film short is being submitted to film festivals world wide. Check for venue dates and locations of upcoming screenings and friend us at

Vampire Flesh Vampire Flesh Trilogy. Written and directed by Fred Wilder.
Starring: Zen Josey as Eris.
This is a dark horror film created in the fashion of silent films from Hollywood's past that tells the story of evil unleashed from ancient times, Eris the deity of strife and struggle from Greek mythology. The film will be released in three chapters as a trilogy of shorts. Not your usually scream fare, Fred Wilder takes control of your mind with his nightmarish lust for Gothic story telling.
Friend us at
In production as of April 2007.


Das PUPPETS promo image, a St. Croix Studios productionDas Puppets written and directed by Fred Wilder.
Starring: Kathleen Gregory as Mama Baer.
The strange story of Dirty Fritz, a lonely artist that falls in love with another man's wife, Mama Baer. His passion soon turns to madness as Dirty Fritz seeks to steal Mama Baer away to his secret lair of enchanted puppets with the aid of a potion provided by Gypsy Witch, but her magic comes with a price. In production now principle photography began Late September 2008.The film was delayed then continued on and off till October 2011 when Fred Wilder under went emergency brain surgery. It has taken 4 whole years for Fred to recover and he is back in the saddle working on post production and seeking funding for compleation of Das Puppets.
See the official page for full cast and crew credits. Das Puppets Film page.



ZOMBEES promo image St. Croix Studios Prod. ZOMBEES written and directed by Fred Wilder.
The story of Zombie Bees and the chaos caused by man's folly into genetic engineering and the Colony Collapse Disorder (C.C.D.) that has become a world wide plague, devastating the honey bee population of the entire planet. Currently being submitted to film festivals.

Completed March 2008.

Starring: Phil Bottoms.



SCREAM KARL Scream Karl, written and directed by Fred Wilder.
The robotic artist Fast Karl steals a valuable painting titled The Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. After making his getaway from the museum, the robot creates an original masterpiece from the old work.

Starring: Fast KARL.



KARL BITES Karl Bites, written and directed by Fred Wilder.
Set in a dark and mysterious old mansion, the robot vampire awakens to roam the halls seeking his next victim. Fast Karl plays a robot vampire that craves human women only to meet with a shocking end.

Starring: Fast Karl and Trixie Saltzberg.

This film chosen by Worldcon 2006 Anaheim, CA!

To find out more about Fast Karl click here


FOX Theatre Fullerton California logo

Fast Karl Films - screen in Fullerton, CA.
Both films, Scream Karl and Karl Bites,
made their premiere at the F3 Fullerton Film Festival
  Aug 5, 2006, Fullerton, California.

Both films scream Karl, and Karl Bites are currently screening at
film festivals in North America. Click for venue dates and locations of Film Screening dates.





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