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Principle photography began in late September 2008 on a new art film called Das PUPPETS. The strange story of Dirty Fritz, a lonely artist that falls in love with another man's wife, Mama Baer. His passion soon turns to madness and Fritz seeks to steal Mama Baer away to his secret lair of enchanted puppets with the aid of a potion provided by Gypsy Witch but her magic comes with a price. This film is a weird journey into the animal passions of the often EMO actors at FUZZ a film studio set somewhere in Germany in the mid 1960s and along the way we get a bucket full of laughs from this dark comedy. Oh yes this is another twisted tale from writer director Fred Wilder who pays homage to many great dada fluxus artists, and surreal filmmakers of the past in Das Puppets. The film features original DaDa music and Fluxus compsistions by Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer of Germany, and The Sex Socks from California.

Our film is in post production we still need some funds to complete Das Puppets. All successful pledges on our GoFundMe drive will receive credit in the film. Here is your chance to emortalise your name and be a part of the Fred Wilder film, Das Puppets. Make your Donation at:

Herr Indus Flug The FUZZ Director.
The FUZZ Director played by Jack Ritchie.

The FUZZ Assistant.
The FUZZ Assistant played by Zen Josey.

Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete played by Courtney Knight.

Mama Baer encounters Dirty fritz.
Mama Baer played by Kathleen Gregory.

Dirty Fritz
Dirty Fritz, I will have you my pretty Dolly!

Fred Wilder on the set of Das Puppets.
Writer director Fred Wilder on the set of das Puppets.

Fred Wilder again makes use of his FrankenCine' cameras and techniques that he has pioneered over the years. These cameras in conjuntion with in-camera effects create a dream like quality to the production.


Dirty Fritz ----- Fred Wilder Click for imdb page.
Mama Baer ----- Kathleen GregoryClick for imdb page.
Gypsy Witch ----- Diego SansonClick for imdb page.
FUZZ Director Indus Flug ----- Jack RitchieClick for imdb page.
FUZZ Assistant ----- Zen JoseyClick for imdb page.
Sneaky Pete ----- Courtney KnightClick for imdb page.
Glen Petersen ----- Demetri C. WatkinsClick for imdb page.
Dirty Surgeon ----- Erin Maureen FitzpatrickClick for imdb page.
Dirty Nurse ----- Jordan GageClick for imdb page.



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