Anaglyph logo3D anaglyph stereo photography by artist Fred Wilder. The images on this page are viewable with anaglyphic Red Blue or preferably Red/Cyan glasses, Left eye RED. Just click on the thumb nail images to view the larger image.

What is Anaglyph 3D ?
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Desert cactus. Fred shot this stereo image of the California desert the day after a storm and captured some great cloud action in 3d.
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Black and White anaglyph of Dinosaurs in a dinorama!
The 3D effect seems to be stronger with Black and White photographs.
Click for image Larger image of three dinosaurs in color 3d.
A day out with dinosaurs in the forest primeval.
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Docking bay 94. Cool Star Wars action with the Millennium Falcon in 3D.
Over here it's me, hey over here!
C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars in 3D.
Robots exploring a distant planet. Four robots in Black and White and in glorious 3D.
Hello robot!
Silver robots in full color 3D.
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William Hung the Hong Kong Ricky Martin from American Idol season 3 now in full color stereo 3D.
Image n
More 3D photos coming soon!





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