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Selected works by artist Fred Wilder can currently be seen at the Dolphin Store, Kings Bay, Georgia USA.

The Dolphin Store is operated by volunteers and all profits from store sales benefit the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation, a program that awards annual scholarships to children of Navy submariners and Sailors who have served at submarine support activities, such as NSB Kings Bay, or aboard submarine tenders. Currently, the Dolphin Scholarship sponsors over 130 students and an additional 25 new awards are granted each year.

The store sells submarine-related items and specializes in nautical items that are perfect for gifts, or to commemorate a special occasion like a retirement or reenlistment. They can get just about anything you want. I encourage everyone to stop in and take a look. The Dolphin Store is located in the pre-deployment Training Building aboard NSB Kings Bay, Georgia.
The Dolphin Store is open every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
For more information or to place a special order,
email Elizabeth Rander at Elizabeth Rander





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