Fast KARL the robotic artist


The greatest artist of the 21st Century is here now and he is a robot! FAST KARL works on paper and canvas with acrylic paints and lots of energy. He is programmed to create strange abstract works and he functions independent of his programmer. At least until his batteries run down!

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Kinetic, Artist, Robotic, Lifeform.



The robot Fast Karl got his start as an experiment in a combination of artificial intelligence (thinking machines) and kinetic art. Originally conceived as a robot capable of making its own designs while applying paint to canvas the artwork produced soon found its way to galleries and then sold world wide via the internet and Karl's own website. Fast Karl has gone on to host his own Podcast show and now more recently to star in two films titled Scream Karl, and Karl Bites written and directed by Fred Wilder. More films featuring Fast Karl the robot are in the works.

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