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August 5 2006 Historic Downtown Fullerton, California USA
FAST KARL at F3 Fullerton Film Festival

Mark your calenders, you do not want to miss this historic event! Fred Wilder proudly announces the World premiere of two films starring Fast KARL. Fans of Fast KARL the robot have been waiting a long time for this release and now it is really and truly here. The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation and the 2006 Fullerton Film Festival (F3), have selected two of Fred Wilder's films KARL BITES, and SCREAM KARL to screen at this year's inaugural festival, 7:30 PM August 5, 2006 in Fullerton, California.
An eclectic mix of international, classic, and recent features and shorts, as well as music videos, animation and experimental works, will be presented at the Fox Fullerton Theatre along with three other downtown venues, including Plummer Auditorium, the Wilshire Auditorium, and the Fullerton College Theatre. The F3 festival runs August 3 to 6 2006 and will showcase 50 films on 4 screens for 4 days.

Just added: The 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) has selected two of Fred Wilder's films titled KARL BITES, and SCREAM KARL to screen at this year's Short Films program, August 25, 2006 in Anaheim, California. USA

Update Aug 11, 2006:
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This summer in California is your chance to see Fast KARL the robot that craves human women on the Big screen. Mark your calender!

Fast KARL Films to screen with
Colma: The Musical

Saturday, August 5, 2006, 7:30 PM

Fullerton College Campus Theatre, Building 1300
321 East Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832 [map it!]

Info Line: 714-870-0069
Website: http://www.f3filmfestival.com

North West corner of Chapman Ave. and Lemon St.
Fullerton, CA. USA

Tickets Online at: BROWN PAPER TICKETS



Poster for KARL BITESThe film KARL BITES.
The film KARL BITES starring Fast KARL, and Trixie Saltzberg.
Fast KARL plays a robot vampire that craves human women. Count KARL is an evil vampire robot that roams his haunted house at night where he lures his unsuspecting human victims and then KARL has his robotic vampire way with them. Beware his metal fangs for they will bite you! This is an old Gothic tale with a great mechanical robot and a real Gothic beauty with classic cinema B-movie jugs.
"No pain, missed the vein!" -Fast KARL

Image of Fast KARL from the film KARL BITES.

Photograph of Fast KARL as the vampire robot from the film KARL BITES. Starring Fast KARL the robot, and Trixie Saltzberg.

This film has been selected for the F3 Fullerton inaugural Film Festival August 3-6 2006 Fullerton, California USA.



Film titled SCREAM KARL.

On August 22 2004 in OSLO, Norway - Edvard Munch's masterpiece "The Scream" was stolen.
This film shows the collaborative effort by the fluxus artist known as Fast KARL and Edvard Munch. As you may know legally any pirated artwork may be resold as new art when it has been altered, modified, or defaced in such a manner as to represent a new work of art. In this film by Fred Wilder you will see the robotic artist at work on this old Norwegian masterpiece.
"Everything old is new again". -Fast KARL

This film has been selected for the F3 Fullerton inaugural Film Festival August 3-6 2006 Fullerton, California USA.







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