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Movie index of online films from Fast KARL the robotic artist. All movies are silent, with under 5 minute running times, they are provided in streaming format via youtube and are the same versions that screened at the film festivals. Follow the links below to the individual short film pages for further details and youtube video hot links. Go to the Film Screenings page for festival dates.


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On August 22 2004 in OSLO, Norway - Edvard Munch's masterpiece "The Scream" was stolen.
This film shows the collaborative effort by the fluxus artist known as Fast KARL and Edvard Munch. As you may know legally any pirated artwork may be resold as new art when it has been altered, modified, or defaced in such a manner as to represent a new work of art. Watch this video online and see the robotic artist at work on this old Norwegian masterpiece.
"Everything old is new again". -Fast KARL



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Count KARL lives in his haunted house where he lures his unsuspecting human victims and then KARL has his robotic vampire way with them. This is an old Gothic tale with a great mechanical robot and a real Gothic beauty with classic cinema B-movie jugs.
"No pain, missed the vain!" -Fast KARL


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