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Fast KARL is now podcasting audio programs with in your face comedy, reviews, and music. From deep within the bowels of his secret garage laboratory in Southern California.

Looking for a dose of smart, weird, irreverent, strange, fast paced, PODCAST humor? You've found it! The Fast KARL Pirate Radio show features the continuing misadventures of a robot named Fast KARL, and Prof. Schlickbuttz a mad sceintist and one hell of an I.T. guy. Tune in as they deconstruct weird news items, review old television programs, play music, talk tech, and indulge in the occasional political rant. Now with 43% more stuff!
Fast KARL Pirate Radio is Fast, Easy, Free, and Dangerously Fun!

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Your Host Fast KARL image.Fast KARL
Pirate Radio Host and one hell of a talented robot.
Not only is he a great graffiti artist but he also does impressions.
All of which some how sound like the Cylons from the old
Battle Star Gallactica television program.
Fast KARL has a great transducer for music
and a marvelous 78 RPM record collection with many
great tunes that often make the play list on Pirate Radio.

Prof. Schlickbuttz image.Prof. Schlickbuttz
Show Engineer and Co host.
Sure he's a mad scientist but who has to know?
The professor is responsible for all the broadcast hardware,
maintaining KARL's vacuum tube logic circuits,
and playing the records during the show.





MP3 Direct Links

Click for mp3 audioFAST KARL PIRATE RADIO SHOW 04 Running time 23:31
Direct download MP3 file 21.5 Mb
May, 23 2011
Your Robotic host Fast KARL, is back on the air with his podcast Pirate Radio show. This Aloha episode Fast Karl talks about his trip to the Horror Hound convention in Indiana. Karl's guest is poet Fred Wilder who reads from his new book the Poetry of Filth, and talks about the Phoenix Comicon May 27 2011 screening of his film The Spleen of St. Louis. Karl spins some vintage 78 RPM Hawaiian records as well. Recorded live May 23rd 2011.

Click for mp3 audioFAST KARL PIRATE RADIO SHOW 03 Running time 17:05
Direct download MP3 file 8.2 Mb
July, 7 2006
Your Robotic host Fast KARL, and Prof. Schlickbuttz podcast their Pirate Radio show and discuss television shows Dr. Who, and Let's Bowl, and discover Karl's films are in a film festival, F3. Special celebrity guest callers include Trixie Saltzburg, and El Nieto Bandito.

Click for mp3 audioFAST KARL PIRATE RADIO SHOW 02 Running time 19:44
Direct download MP3 file 9.3 Mb
May, 15 2006
Your Robotic host Fast KARL, with Prof. Schlickbuttz podcast their Pirate Radio show and review the movie Art School Confidential and talk about TV Horror show hosts. Includes music from 78 rpm record collection and a special celebrity guest caller.

Click for mp3 audioFAST KARL CHRISTMAS SHOW 01 Running time 28:53
Direct download MP3 file 13.2 Mb
Dec, 22 2005
Your Robotic host Fast KARL, with Prof. Schlickbuttz podcast their Pirate Radio Christmas show with cool jazz music from 78 rpm records and a special celebrity guest caller.

Click for mp3 audioTEST 1,2,3...

Direct download MP3 file 1.2 Mb
TEST December 2005. Audio file from the archives. Mr. Farmer Bones gets off his tractor to relax. We are experimenting with xml RSS mp3 enclosures. Please email if this worked and let us know the date and what software, hardware you received us on.





POD: Fast KARL is currently podcasting on the internet
via RSS from deep within the bowels of his secret garage laboratory / studio located some where in Orange County, California. USA


TELEVISION: Cable access where available through out America. Check your local listings.

North America Satellite FTA (Free To Air)
Fast KARL is currently transmitting in the clear over C Band
and Ku Band widths in the Northern Hemisphere .
Make sure your satellite receiver is able to decode the MPEG-2
data compression protocol used in most Free to Air satellite transmissions.
Direct your dish to the Proteus Nagra13 satellite.
Check your EPG for air times.


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