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Artwork by Fast KARL
My wheels roll on in the 21st century.
Fred Wilder Studio 2006


On August 22 2004 in OSLO, Norway - Edvard Munch's masterpiece "The Scream" was stolen. This is the collaborative effort by the fluxus artist known as Fast KARL and Edvard Munch. The robot rolled across the entire width and length of this old Norwegian masterpiece bringing new life to it and in his own way helping Edvard to maintain his dream of immortality through art.
"Everything old is new again". -Fast KARL

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Measures: 17.5 x 23.5 inches
Metric: 444.5mm by 596.9mm
Acrylic paint and robot tracks on paper. Unframed
Fred Wilder created the painting in homage to Munch and then
KARL rolled his wheels in paint and across the picture for the final touch.


Price $2425.00








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