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image of Ms. Saltzberg from KARL BITES film flyer.
Photo  of Trixie Saltzberg


Trixie Saltzberg hails from Compton, California and has been a contributing writer and actress with Fast KARL since the inception of the show. Thank the Almighty for the Morning-After pill. (ED) Trixie has appeared in numerable television and B movies, the most notable to date being her performance as Girl Asking for Keys in the 1995 made-for-TV movie Alien Nation: Body and Soul.
Trixie is an award-winning playwright that started her career as a screenwriter, but then soon after realizing that actors have more fun and better pay, joined the Fast KARL team and the rest, as they say, is hysterical. Trixie comes from a showbiz family. Her father is prominent Hollywood writer-producer Irving C. Saltzberg Jnr.
Trixie is a full figured all American girl that has a penchant for chocolate cake and robots.



Memories from shooting KARL BITES
  • I kept thinking, Wow, a kitchen! Like, I don't cook. How awkward.
  • Everyone was so helpful on that shoot...maybe because my robe kept flying open.
  • Because he is a robot, KARL has never received a SAG card.


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