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Artist Fred Wilder has been making homemade recordings of his own electronic music experiments, fluxus noise, anti-music, Musique Concrete, poetry, and sound scapes available in limited quantities on cassette tape since 1981.
I started playing around with portable tape recorders when I was a kid and I have always had a fascination with recorded sounds and their manipulation but in 1981 I gained access for the first time to a little tape studio I put together in the back of a stereo repair shop I was working at in Buena Park, California. In this repair shop I had access to Open-Reel tape machines and some simple filters and tone generators crude as it was this became my audio laboratory for 3 years. I made a lot of tape music in between repairing radios, amplifiers, tape decks, and phonographs, and gained a good understanding of electronic sound production from those early days.

In the 1980s I recorded several tapes of experimental electronic music avant-garde tape music. I also worked with Neal McCormick on his Zantor / S.N.A.F.U. tapes Those recordings were feed out over the phone lines as a dial up service, strange days indeed.

In 1994 I built the Tiki Room project studio in my home for my solo recording projects. and in 1998 I again began offering my homemade recordings but this time on Compact Disc online through my website and my ebay auctions.

Today you can purchase these recordings direct from Amazon.com We are currently working to make avaliable again some of the older selections from Fred's catalog.

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Scheide und Kraut album 2010 SCHEIDE und KRAUT
Dirty Fritz and The SEX SOCKS

This Homage to Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer brings a hypnotic world of Musique concrete by The SEX SOCKS and spoken word poetry by Dirty Fritz to a frenzied state of electronic bliss.

SCHEIDE und KRAUT is a new anti-music outsider poetry recording by Dirty Fritz and The SEX SOCKS using obsolete technologies like cassette recorder from the 1970s, child's toys, Prophet 5, analog synthesizer Persimmon synthesizer, short wave radio, public domain films, and sampled sounds from the environment all mixed on 4 track tape.

Photo of real CD Scheide und Kraut
April 2010:
A professionaly pressed and packaged version of the album titled SCHEIDE und KRAUT by Dirty Fritz and The SEX SOCKS, is now available on Compct Disc. This was original only available as a limited edition of artist-made compact discs but there was such a demand for the recordings that I have now made them available to everyone who is into poetry and strange outsider sound scapes. The new album contains a bonus track with Dirty Fritz on guitar reading two new poems, Fred Wilder also created completely new artwork for this album inside and out.

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A word of caution: All of the CDs are recorded, mixed and mastered in in my Home project studio with 16-bit CD quality. In most cases the sampled sounds were done on old nasty portable cassette tape recorders and may have been processed through 8-Bit equipment for extra hash, clicks, pops, and whistles. There is a strong possibility that circuit-bent machines were employed and Tape work was performed adding time stretching, spacial distortions, mechanical glitches, and the like. The noise you hear was added for its aural spice.
I have enjoyed listening to these CDs myself on my home system and know they will not tear up your speakers but please do be careful with headphones or earbuds while enjoying these recordings.

Fluxus sound system
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